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MonTango is a dynamic group of musicians, renowned female vocalist and internationally acclaimed tango dancers who perform in concert and festival settings around the world. The musicians include Bandoneonist, Violinist, Guitarist, Double Bassist and Pianist.

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MonTango performs the rich, compelling music of contemporary Tango, a scintillating fusion of tango, classical and jazz influences. Their repertoire includes many compositions by Argentina's legendary Astor Piazzolla, whose son Daniel, a brilliant musician in his own right, has expressed his pleasure that MonTango is sharing his father's music with the world.

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Tango has emerged as a multi-national and worldwide phenomenon, therefore, MonTango is proud to draw its members from Tango vituosos around the world, as well as from its birthplace, Buenos Aires. This unique combination of global talent makes up one of the most sensual, passionate and thrilling shows touring today. Members of MonTango are dedicated professionals who are committed to bringing this exquisite and thrilling genre to audiences in America and beyond.

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The Retro Vacation Slide Show Tour of the USA
FringeNYC Award of Excellence for "Most Extraordinary Theatrical Experience of the American Roadside"

From the kitsch to the classic, Charles Phoenix loves to celebrate mid-century design and culture. His massive collection of other people’s old slides from the 40s, 50s & 60s inspire his retro slide shows, Slide of the Week e-mail and coffee table books. His vintage school bus field trips explore extraordinary out-of-the-way attractions, displays and demonstrations.

"Histo-tainer" Charles Phoenix reinvents the classic living room slide show by mixing and matching thrift shop-found 40s, 50s and 60s vintage family and travel slides into a wonderful kaleidoscope of American culture. Phoenix's friendly next-door-neighbor style commentary and colorful Kodachrome images blend the historical with the hysterical - the ironic with the iconic.

See the amazing sights, scenes and situations that inspired a generation of camera totin' tourists to "say cheese" while traveling across our great country. Visit kitschy tourist traps and classic roadside attractions. Enjoy fabulous Las Vegas, New Orleans and the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. Experience the futuristic "world of 1987" in Disneyland's original Tomorrowland and explore World's Fairs, National Parks and America's heartland while meeting "long lost relatives" along the way - and much, much more.

This is not your uncle's slide show!

Charles Phoenix lives in Los Angeles and is addicted to collecting other people's old slides and loves sharing them.

“Call him the King of Retro, ruling over a bygone era…”
–Los Angeles Times Magazine

“He joyfully mines America’s past through its fashion and design…”
– New York Times

“Charles Phoenix found his life’s work in a thrift store”
–Los Angeles Independent

"Our most favorite cultural antropologist!"
–LA City Beat

“He is the Pied Piper of LaLaLand”
–Los Angeles Times


LIVE CINEMA. Hollywood's Magical Island, Catalina
Live with Mr. Catalina, Chuck Liddell
contact: Ralph Franklin @ Franklin Film Artists
phone: 800-782-3136, Email: rjfranklin@sbcglobal.net
website: www.hollywoodisle.com


Through the remarkable eye of first time film director, Greg Reitman, we get a first hand glimpse of The Magic Isle. While exploring historical, social, and environmental changes, the film captures the mystical splendors, natural beauty and romance of Santa Catalina Island. Using a mix of rare 16mm, archival film and old black and white stills, inter-cut with interviews of islanders, historians and celebrities; the viewer is taken on a journey during America’s golden era. It begins with the acquisition of the Santa Catalina Island Company in 1919 led by William Wrigley, Jr. He set a course for Catalina’s future in the world of art, sports, music and entertainment that was unmatched in US history even through present day. The film documents architectural achievements, many first of a kind buildings and innovations that transformed Catalina from a simple island into a modern day state-of-the-art playground. The film highlights many of the individuals including stars of the Big Band Era, Marilyn Monroe, and the island’s role as Hollywood’s secret playground for the stars. The island even played a role in helping to elect a President. We witness the island’s tragedy and heartache – deftly captured in the film with heartfelt interviews and a score that tugs at the emotions. Utilizing interviews with Jean-Michel Cousteau, heirs of the Wrigley family, residents and visitors of the island; we learn of William Wrigley, Jr’s dream of preserving the island’s natural beauty as well as providing a magical place for all to enjoy. The film concludes with Art Good Jazz Trax, Fender’s Catalina Island Blues Festival, and a visual kaleidoscope of modern day Catalina Island as an ecological paradise highlighting the revival of the island as a place of leisure and entertainment.


SUNDAY,   JANUARY 9,   2011

07:45PM, 08:45PM, 10:30PM, 11:30PM

Hilton Hotel (at 54th Street), 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019. Ensemble Barynya will presents Russian, Cossack, and Ukrainian traditional dance, song and music with live accompaniment of balalaika, balalaika-contrabass, and garmoshka (Russian button accordion). The program will be performed by 6 dancers, 3 musicians, and singer.
Barynya APAP showcase AD 2011
Find me at Booth #432, Americas Hall 1

Barynya dancers video

Watch this video on www.YouTube.com website

Barynya musicians video

Watch this video on www.YouTube.com website

Barynya and singer Alexander Menshikov video

Watch this video on www.YouTube.com website

Booth #432, Americas Hall 1